In an overly complex world,

Managing Your Wealth Should Be As Straight-Forward As Possible.

Our Process

At Bright Wealth Management our portfolio management process is unique.

It is based on our belief that efficient,
straight-forward solutions generally yield the best results. It is a process designed to put the focus on protection first, which has been refined over generations and is one that continues to serve our family well.


Personalized Portfolio


Portfolio Management is only one part of an overall wealth management strategy. In most cases it is the engine propelling that strategy. A proper wealth management plan should incorporate your risk and cash-flow needs, as well as your family legacy, philanthropic and wealth transfer desires. Your portfolio should be an expression of your beliefs and desires, all while providing the opportunity and flexibility needed for you and your family to achieve your goals.

Seasoned Experts

Regardless of what stage of life you and your family are in, our family looks forward to sharing with you, and helping you leverage the experience and knowledge that we have refined for over 60 years.


Let's Talk


For more information on how we can work together please contact our Managing Director, Stuart Bright, at 972.410.6623.


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